The Spider’s Web


The alarm goes off, piercing through the cold December morning. It is still dark – all the stars seem to have died. A tangible darkness, like a shroud. Like my shroud. I’d felt at peace while asleep; the alarm changed that, allowing the darkness to sit on my chest like an incubus paralyzing me.

It sings a pleasant tune – more a lullaby than an alarm. In its pleasantness, I sense an evil. A smile that holds knives at the ready. A smile that will slit your throat even as you smile back. Yet it won’t stop ringing.

I grope at the darkness and find a drawer whose steel handle is like ice. I’m about to shove the alarm in, when I find the things I’d lost. Things I thought I’d lost. A long time ago. And among them, a mirror with a golden frame shimmers through the darkness, inviting me to look.

I do and I see again the ugliness I’d forgotten, a resignation, a despair, all woven in. I throw the mirror in after the alarm, and a brief flash shows it to me – shows me the spider’s web in the corner.

I collect my resignation, I collect my despair, and I walk towards the web. I bite my thumb to draw blood. I spit out chunks of skin, erasing off the prints of my fingers. My swollen eyelids burst in pain. And I get the spider’s attention.

My knees tremble for I know it’s the end. Yet I keep walking, one foot after another, on a single silken thread. I see it rise from slumber, its drool spilling, my ugliness mirrored in its ugly eyes. It smiles and reminds me of my alarm clock, the clock that started this mess. I feel no desire to turn back. I walk, I surrender, I’m consumed whole. Then there is nothing but darkness. All the stars seem to have died.

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Micro-Fiction – 12

We knew he’d return someday. One night, I heard my mother screaming and I knew he was back. It was time for him to claim another victim.


Maybe this isn’t our time and maybe love isn’t always enough. Perhaps when the time is right, it will be, and I hope we meet again…


With time,the pain will seem easier to bear. But the axe that killed you – that will be stuck in your chest for all eternity as a reminder.


She could’ve shot him. Instead she decided to chop him. Fingers first, one by one. Oh! The joy of watching him die a slow, painful death.


For a long time I stood listening to the waves.

After a while, the breeze stopped carrying the screams. I’m lucky, no one rescued her.


“There is a way out. But of course, it isn’t free.”
She hesitated, “Tell me.”
The devil grinned,”You’ve to leave all your joys here.”


That creep-up-your-neck feeling, every time I crossed that particular tombstone, that had the these words inscribed, “Still watching you.”


The quiet bothered me more than the cold. The arrival of others should’ve comforted me. But that’s when I realized – I was in the morgue.


“You don’t know my mother,” she said “When she smiles like that, it’s the calm before the storm. Before the children begin to vanish.”


They warned me, I didn’t listen. It felt so peaceful in the woods.
But it came out after dusk,screeching,wailing.
Now I’m trapped forever.


“That simmering fear is your conscience.It wont be long before you explode and confess.”
“But… I didn’t commit the murders.”
“I know.”


Uncertainty, Insecurity… And Trust

My mind refused to speak
Stubbornly it remained like a blank page
Like a starless sky
The waiting was costing me my sanity
I knew not how long it would take
But I was sure you would call me up and cry
What words did I have to console your weeping heartbeats?
What advice did life give me that I would offer you to take?
What good was hiding the truth when foiled were all your lies?
Being smothered by uncertainty
Above me, I was holding on to a lightning blade,
Licking my toes were hell fires.
My head was throbbing with insecurity,
The devil in my mind fought a jealous crusade,
He pierced my heart and was holding it upon a pyre.
Trust remained the open door, the one and only
Trust remained my comfort to take,
There would be no hurt; this will pass, it’s just a trial.
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Micro-fiction – 4

Candlelit Barbecue

The cool breeze, 
The open sky, 
She watched till his screams stopped as every bit of his skin burned and charred.

The Toothy Creature

The creature opened its mouth revealing a row of pointed teeth with drool dripping from them. 
“Awww, I’ll call you Tuffy,” she said.


The dog loved lips. The lower one especially. 
Little wonder then that all its owners had their lips chewed off before they caught rabies.

The X-Ray

The doctor performed the x-ray. 
“Oh!” he gasped. Clearly embedded in her stomach were steel bits. 
“No wonder I lose my forks!” she said.


“I want that flower,” chirped the little one. 
As soon as the little one smelled it, spiders and ants, big and small ran up her nostrils.


It was a golden throne where God sat; laughing wholeheartedly when our best laid plans went awry. 
Great sense of humor that Man has!

Fear Of Heights

She was afraid of heights.But that was when she was sane. 
Afterwards,she pointedly took her victims up to the roof before torturing them.

The Jolly Clown

Every week, a child would go missing from the town. A maniacal clown’s laughter would be heard deep in the woods, late at night…

The Child In Them

“There’s a child in all of us!” she announced. “There are many in me. But I am sure they have been digested by now.” he responded.

The Dentist

He realized he couldn’t speak. The dentist had been distracted. He accidentally glued his jaws together.
In an effort to get his glued jaws unstuck, he pulled with all his might. It was not his day. 
His gums got detached causing a bloody mess.

The Child On The Doorstep

He heard a baby wailing at his doorstep. It was past one am. He took the child in. Little did he know, it was the devil’s child.

Insects – Part II

She suffered from nose bleeds. As a child, a bunch of insects had gone up her nostrils. They were all removed surgically. 
Except one. 

Canned Fish

The label on the can described a certain kind of fish. 
“Hah! I’ll wait till the worms come crawling in. Who wants to eat a dead fish?”

Beakers in the Lab

The water tasted funny. 
“Oh be careful with those beakers. Those are samples of rat urine,” a lab technician warned her.


He was at a loss. Even if he tore someone’s intestines out, he was still considered romantic. It was the curse of being a modern vampire.

Baby Socks

She loved collecting baby socks. No one knew her store room was filled with rotting, chopped feet of hundreds of babies.

Bats In The Dark

The bats flew over their heads, drooling all over them. What disgusted her was the relish with which he proceeded to lick the drool off. 


She could live with the smell, but not the thought of being alone. At least, she had someone to talk to. Even if it was just a corpse.

The Other Woman

She was tired of being the other woman. One morning, he woke up next to the badly mutilated body of his wife. 
“God, was I this drunk?!”

The Raven

They called her a witch and said she deserved to die
She deserved to be tortured, to be killed.
Her diabolical cat made their skin crawl
And they were convinced it made their children fall ill.
They knew she had whipped up disguised potions
That would heal you momentarily then poison you slowly.
A wrong look could kill you if you weren’t careful
Fangs, if bared, could be used to make you bleed profusely.
But the witch remembered, she wasn’t always cruel
She had been sent to the village as a guardian,
But the villagers weren’t trusting; they treated her with disgust
Her heart turned cold, her bitterness fuelled, her fury she upheld.
The god men said her soul was safeguarded by the cat
They tore its limbs and burned it till the ashes were blown by the wind.
The witch wept, but to the villager’s shock,
Her soul remained unharmed, though she appeared unhinged.
We must burn her, cried they.
They put a spear through her head and threw her into the flames.
They watched with glee as blood covered her face and got licked by the fire
But that is when the raven came.
The raven flew over them and pecked at the eyes
Of the god men and the villagers alike.
While they screamed as their world turned suddenly blind,
The raven flew across into the fire.
The raven clawed over the witch’s skin
And brought out a blood-soaked heart; it was hard and looked like ebony,
But the raven stopped not at pecking it clean
Finally it found within the layers, the heart of gold; away it flew then in the direction heavenly.

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The Straw and The Devil’s Embrace

I clutch at the straw, I know I am drowning
The straw is close, but I am too much of a coward
It stays just out of my reach and
I am too afraid to venture a little forward
I feel the air leaving my lungs,
I know now this is the end,
Life lies to me, says it knows not how things are between us
I clutch again at the straw; my scars are raw, I am wounded…
I think back at all the things I should’ve done
But where’s a priest when you want to confess
I see the waters as they close upon me
The devil’s choir sing of duress
I saw the devil grin, I knew death was close
The straw mocked my fingers turning blue
The devil has me now in a cold embrace
Before my eyelids finally closed, I allowed the last teardrop to fall
With what was left of me, I looked back at the straw
Said, mock me all you will, but I will always remember trying to clutch on to you…