What Is Wrong With This Post?

The number of hours one spends grooming or admiring one’s own self is not the only measure of one’s narcissism. Nor is an individual’s speech, wherein he or she may wax eloquent for hours, irrespective of and disrespecting the audience’ tolerance level. Some people simply have more than one autobiography to present, because their level of greatness goes beyond a single publication.

However that may be, it seems unfair to say that only one subset of the population behaves this way, for if one does, then he or she has clearly not observed the way he or she speaks on a daily basis. It often goes unnoticed by the individual, but not always by backbiting, gossiping listeners, who are keen to make note of such faults as narcissism only to present the same with similar narcissism at every social gathering they chance upon.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to write this post without making an error, and thereby prove the point of this post, but this post is not over yet. Observations of linguistic narcissism include, not only speaking excessively about oneself but also interrupting another speaker with references to oneself. To find anecdotes startlingly similar to that of the original speaker, but rushing in with one’s story before the original speaker is done is not only rude but downright assholeish behaviour. Sooner or later, someone will punch the interrupter where he or she deserves.

As it has been mentioned above, this is not conscious behaviour. Admittedly the letter “I” appears only once in the English alphabet; but it is probably the most used, most over-used, most abused letter in even a minute’s speech or conversation. While guilty of the same, I just thought…

I mean,

That is, I



5 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With This Post?

  1. Kokila Gupta July 3, 2015 / 9:14 AM

    Hilarious ! 'I' enjoyed it dearly and specially -“sooner or later someone will punch the ….” he he .. so much so for I-ism !


  2. Sreesha Divakaran July 3, 2015 / 10:58 AM

    Hehe, this post was a personal reminder to keep the “I”s to a minimum! 😛 😛


  3. Anita July 9, 2015 / 5:11 AM

    I must say…
    I don't know what to say…
    Actually, even I wanna say the same thing!
    You know what I mean 🙂


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