Let Us Not Forget The Fathers On Mother’s Day, by Guest Poet: Saritha Bhaskaran

About the poet, Saritha Bhaskaran: I am Saritha. I love dance and music, food and fitness. Occasionally, I like to pen things I learn from this beautiful journey called life. I believe in simplicity and constantly strive to strike a balance in everything I do.


If the owner of this blog may just cut in, that’s her pish posh bio 😛 
Guest Poet Saritha is this crazy chick who will make you laugh so hard that milk will come out of your nose. She is the best dance partner ever! She is kind and compassionate (I was not paid to write this, but I am gonna demand a cheque), and someone whom I share crazy, mental, whacky, dontevenask, fond memories with. Also, do not talk to her about fitness, cos she might ask you to eat fruits. Only fruits.


8 thoughts on “Let Us Not Forget The Fathers On Mother’s Day, by Guest Poet: Saritha Bhaskaran

  1. Alok singhal May 10, 2015 / 12:42 PM

    Both Father and Mother deserve applause. Great post on their importance in our lives.


  2. Abhijit Ray May 11, 2015 / 6:37 AM

    Both parents are equally important. We must remember them every day. Watch the movie Piku, where Piku says parents cannot live by themselves, one has to keep them alive. In India we call, Mother and motherland to be higher than heaven. Whereas feet of father is the dharma of life, heaven lies there. Ofcourse many of us cannot live unto such lofty ideas and ideals as parents or as children, Still we must remember our parents everyday of our lives, not one day.


  3. Sreesha Divakaran May 11, 2015 / 5:27 PM

    Yes, I do not believe in celebrating any of the “days” (Mother's, Father's, Women's, Valentine's) because whatever is being celebrated should be valued on all days; not just one day and taken for the granted for the rest of the year.
    Thanks for reading, Abhijit, on behalf of the poet 🙂


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