First Indimeet of 2015! GoSleeekASUSExperience!!

About a week ago, I wrote about my squirminess in unfamiliar crowds. Notwithstanding awkward social behavior, I love attending blogger meets, cos these crowds aren’t really “unfamiliar”. We have read the works of these people, we know a bit about them through their blogs. It’s just a matter of assigning faces to words. Which is why I was a bit sad that no blogger meets were happening in Bangalore. I attended two last year in quick succession (WIN ’14 (by BlogAdda, in Mumbai) and the Kotak JiFi Meet). Both gave me “first bragging rights”, so to speak! Then there was a dry spell. A very long dry spell.
Which is why, I was so glad when I got an invite for the GoSleeekASUSExperience. I registered for the invite-only event on my own Asus laptop (yup, I have one) and felt all “Invited exclusively” #GoBraggingRights!
When I bought my laptop, I remember those who saw it described it as “sleek”. I guess the word is just synonymous with this brand! It looks real classy too! But enough about my laptop, let’s talk about the meet.
I went to the venue straight from office (the Mr. dropped me, who in turn was late for a meeting!) Now those who read the post mentioned in the first sentence know that I recently moved to a new project within my company. They chose yesterday of all days to give me the company laptop! So I carried my regular handbag and a jumbo sized laptop bag and all and reached the venue, looking all cat-dragged-in style. Oh, did I mention, the venue was ITC Gardenia (when I said “bye”, a few of my colleagues responded “ITC Gardenia! Ja, Sreesha Ja! Jee le apni zindagi!). I walked in, and met a few (read two) familiar faces. After some hi! gale milo! we walked in (after flashing id cards and all, cos, invite-only) *winks*. And were met with some more familiar faces, who knew me by my blog’s name rather than my own. And I knew them the same way!
Since this was my second indimeet at Bangalore, I felt more at ease than I did last time. There was a sing-along rock fest, typical to indiblogger (if I remember correctly, last year we remixed Rammstein!) This year, the songs were unfamiliar to me, but being a true blood rock fan, I did try to shazam it. It just did not work. #SadPuppyFace
The host was Anoop. He was really funny and kept the audience engaged. The Get-To-Know you activity was a lot of fun. We got to meet a lot of bloggers while begging them for stuff 😛 It was a pretty large crowd too, so a LOT of interaction right there!
Then there was a presentation by the ASUS Product Manager. After the presentation, there was a Q&A session, during which a lot of people got the queries answered.
The activity that followed was the one that I enjoyed the most. We had to make an ad to promote blogging. The ad was to be based on a theme that was given to us. I had a lot of fun having a pencil war with Shailaja V right up there on the dais! But the one I enjoyed the most was the last one (Team 4). It was so funny, and really, should be put up and shared on YouTube!  It was that bril! But I won’t give away any details just yet. Maybe I’ll update the post ones the winners are announced.. 😛

Update 6th Feb: Our theme was Pirates of the Caribbean. We won 😛

The organizers said that the prizes for the various competitions and contests would be announced later, as we were running short of time. The event was scheduled between 5.30 and 9.30 pm. Dinner began at 9, and frankly, I was a bit disappointed with it. But that’s ok, the rest of the event was so fantastic, it more than made up for it!
Until we meet at the next meet then, for a lot more fun and laughter!! Thank you inblogger and Asus.
Oh, did I mention, this was the first blogger meet of 2015, and it happened in Bangalore! Hurrah!
PS: Too bad I didn’t get any pics. As I came straight from work, I did not have my camera, and my phone is too unreliable when it comes to battery backup! But there are many on the indiblogger FB page!

4 thoughts on “First Indimeet of 2015! GoSleeekASUSExperience!!

  1. Keirthana February 1, 2015 / 6:16 PM

    I had to leave early since it was too late for me to be traveling that far alone and I missed the last event like anything 😦 Do update the post once the winners are announced 🙂 It was great meeting you and all other wonderful people 🙂

    P.S: Same case with me as I too came straight from work, chalo we will get the pics from someone.


  2. CYNOSURE February 2, 2015 / 5:19 AM

    hmmfff…A meet after long time…Lets hope they increase the frequency of the meet…It was real fun… 🙂


  3. Sreesha Divakaran February 2, 2015 / 6:58 PM

    It was great meeting you too!!
    Yup, I'd seen your tweet about having to leave early… Let it be on weekend next time 😀


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