Late Sunday Afternoon

Sunlight peeking shyly, through blinds neither shut nor open,
Eyes drifting lightly, lulling me, so content,
To take a siesta, the balmy afternoon coerces me,
While I, with my arm around you, feel I am in a wonderful dream.
A tale you tell me, a chuckle escapes my throat,
Away you sweep, a strand of my hair, sing softly a little note,
Laughter loud tries to make its way,
Lids so heavy, sleep makes me sway.
I awoke with a start, finding absence there,
Where you lay, before the sun retired to its lair,
Had I dreamt again of your presence by me?
But in you came with a smile and a coffee.

2 thoughts on “Late Sunday Afternoon

  1. Brunda bru January 13, 2015 / 2:01 PM

    good read…it was such a pleasant poem:)


  2. Sreesha Divakaran January 13, 2015 / 4:33 PM

    🙂 Thanks, Brunda. Not one of my personal favorites though, to be frank.


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