Just Another Day

Burnt breakfast again,
And ran after the bus to catch it,
Crumbs of toast still around the corners of my mouth,
It seemed like just another day.
Heel snapped while walking,
Cursed the concrete floor,
Suppressed giggles from people I saw, as I limped awkwardly
It seemed great how this day was beginning.
Boss was in a foul mood,
He hadn’t heard my “Good morning”
He was mouthing curses at his laptop!
Perhaps his morning too wasn’t good.
During the meeting, I realized, I left my papers at home,
In misery, I hung my head low,
Tears streamed freely down my cheeks,
As the manager mouthed expletives some more.
Suddenly someone knocked the door politely,
Entered my knight in shining armor wearing his pajamas!
He had my papers “You had left them on your work desk.”
I thanked him profusely.
During dinner that night, over a glass of wine,
I told him what he truly meant to me,
He told me before I said anything,
Tell him at the bottom of the glass what I would find!
I told him “Yes” with all my heart; for surely what else would I say?
He was my pajama-clad knight after all
And he taught me, not every day is just another day
He could turn it all to be a memorable way!

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6 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. Kate Larkindale April 10, 2014 / 7:25 PM

    Yup…. Sounds like another day. Until the end. Kind of makes up for all the bad stuff beforehand.


  2. Soumya April 11, 2014 / 12:14 PM

    Pajama clad knight, how cute was that! 🙂


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