Micro-fiction – 5

A Stranger In The Dark


Someone was breathing heavily behind me in the dark. I turned around. Apart from a glaring emptiness, I saw nothing.


The Basement


I went to get a toolbox from the basement. An odor made me look into one of the boxes in the corner. I recognized my cat’s severed limbs.




There were explosions in the sky. The children thought it looked beautiful. Somewhere, the world had begun to burn.




It was disturbing to see a gravestone with my name on it. But it explained why I was unable to see my reflection in any of the mirrors.


Silver Ribbons


I woke up and found myself tied up in too many silver ribbons. Suddenly, I was staring into the many eyes of an approaching giant spider.


My Diary


My diary has an entry for each day. Happy events. Which is funny cos I dont even remember buying a diary, let alone writing in one.


The Squirrel


A minute later, she found herself in the middle of a farm, holding the bloody remains of a squirrel, the taste of blood still in her mouth.


The Strange Language


They spoke a strange language. He couldn’t understand a word, but it made him nervous. They were his sons. Where did they pick it up?


Colicky Baby


As the child screamed, everyone was sure it was colic. Granny knew it wasn’t. Granny could hear ghastly words in the baby’s cries.




She felt something crawling up her spine. Startled, she tried to brush it away. But then she realized, it was beneath her skin.


My Pet Dog


It was comforting as I lay in bed and felt my dog’s fur against my legs. Then I remembered – I don’t have a dog.


The Fort


She looked at the little toy fort with fascination. Annoyed little toy soldiers shot arrows at her eyes.


Fairest Of Them All


The queen broke the mirror when it said Snow White was the fairest of them all. She used the shards to cut out Snow White’s heart.




The spaghetti began to bother her only when she felt a hundred worms climbing back up her food pipe and into her mouth.




She marched into her office though they refused to let her in. She was surprised to see another woman there. They looked exactly alike.


The Photograph


In anger, he burnt her photograph… Somewhere far away, she screamed as her clothes suddenly caught fire.




The kangaroos grazed peacefully. No one noticed the fangs they had grown; or the pieces of human flesh strewn in the meadow.


A Paralysis


I was pinned to my bed. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t move. Once I stopped struggling, an invisible hand closed over my throat.


Mom, Don’t Cry


I stood behind her wondering why she was sobbing uncontrollably. “Mom” She didn’t hear me. Then I saw my picture in the obituary.


A Craving For The Spotlight


“The spotlight will be on me for once.” That was his last thought before he hung himself from the streetlight.




Before she died, she disclosed the secret ingredient in her famous soup to her daughter – the brains of little babies.


The Charmer


She did not know when they first met how many women had said “Hello” to this charming stranger only to disappear soon afterwards.




Eyes wide open, he was frozen in ice. Startling him, they began to drill, aiming right for his eyes.


The Tattoo Gun


As he got his eye tattoo done, his friend accidentally nudged the artist. The gun was plugged in, the needle plunged into the iris.




“Who, after all, is truly free?” the philosopher asked. He then proceeded to drive nails into her wrists and forehead.


Mom’s Saucer


“You made an ashtray of my mom’s saucer?!”


“So? You should see what my knife made of her face.”


Quit Smoking?


“I swear I’ve quit smoking” She lied, even as the stub hurriedly hidden under her tongue burned her.




“Help,” she screamed as the wolves tore her to pieces. Her husband watched from a distance. With a bowl of popcorn in his hand.




Telekinesis was fun. She watched as she plunged three knives into her brother’s dog without even getting up from her chair.


The Best Laid Plans


He made thorough plans. He had time – nine months inside the womb. In him, was the spirit of the baby his mother had once aborted.


The Birthday


Just as the clock struck 12, her cellphone beeped.


“Happy Birthday.”


 It was from her boyfriend, who had died exactly a year ago.


The Candle


The candle blew out, leaving her in darkness. She couldn’t find a match. When the power came back, she found the candle shredded to bits.


4 thoughts on “Micro-fiction – 5

  1. Midnight scribbles April 1, 2014 / 5:19 PM

    How did I miss this one! O.o
    Any way well amazing micro fiction as usual. Pure creepy, twisted and evil.
    Have you tried your hand at full horror stories? The gross kinda horror, not paranormal. I think you would be amazing at it.


  2. Sreesha Divakaran April 1, 2014 / 5:51 PM

    Yeah, I hadn't posted this one on indi.
    I have thought about it. Not so sure if I have the focus for a full length story, but I have thought about it. Don't know if I can do justice to it though…


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