Micro-fiction – 4

Candlelit Barbecue

The cool breeze, 
The open sky, 
She watched till his screams stopped as every bit of his skin burned and charred.

The Toothy Creature

The creature opened its mouth revealing a row of pointed teeth with drool dripping from them. 
“Awww, I’ll call you Tuffy,” she said.


The dog loved lips. The lower one especially. 
Little wonder then that all its owners had their lips chewed off before they caught rabies.

The X-Ray

The doctor performed the x-ray. 
“Oh!” he gasped. Clearly embedded in her stomach were steel bits. 
“No wonder I lose my forks!” she said.


“I want that flower,” chirped the little one. 
As soon as the little one smelled it, spiders and ants, big and small ran up her nostrils.


It was a golden throne where God sat; laughing wholeheartedly when our best laid plans went awry. 
Great sense of humor that Man has!

Fear Of Heights

She was afraid of heights.But that was when she was sane. 
Afterwards,she pointedly took her victims up to the roof before torturing them.

The Jolly Clown

Every week, a child would go missing from the town. A maniacal clown’s laughter would be heard deep in the woods, late at night…

The Child In Them

“There’s a child in all of us!” she announced. “There are many in me. But I am sure they have been digested by now.” he responded.

The Dentist

He realized he couldn’t speak. The dentist had been distracted. He accidentally glued his jaws together.
In an effort to get his glued jaws unstuck, he pulled with all his might. It was not his day. 
His gums got detached causing a bloody mess.

The Child On The Doorstep

He heard a baby wailing at his doorstep. It was past one am. He took the child in. Little did he know, it was the devil’s child.

Insects – Part II

She suffered from nose bleeds. As a child, a bunch of insects had gone up her nostrils. They were all removed surgically. 
Except one. 

Canned Fish

The label on the can described a certain kind of fish. 
“Hah! I’ll wait till the worms come crawling in. Who wants to eat a dead fish?”

Beakers in the Lab

The water tasted funny. 
“Oh be careful with those beakers. Those are samples of rat urine,” a lab technician warned her.


He was at a loss. Even if he tore someone’s intestines out, he was still considered romantic. It was the curse of being a modern vampire.

Baby Socks

She loved collecting baby socks. No one knew her store room was filled with rotting, chopped feet of hundreds of babies.

Bats In The Dark

The bats flew over their heads, drooling all over them. What disgusted her was the relish with which he proceeded to lick the drool off. 


She could live with the smell, but not the thought of being alone. At least, she had someone to talk to. Even if it was just a corpse.

The Other Woman

She was tired of being the other woman. One morning, he woke up next to the badly mutilated body of his wife. 
“God, was I this drunk?!”


11 thoughts on “Micro-fiction – 4

  1. Anita March 23, 2014 / 12:19 PM

    So many chilling stories, Sreesha 🙂 Few words, great impact 🙂


  2. Bhaskar March 23, 2014 / 8:19 PM

    Brilliant.. Loved it 🙂



  3. Bhaskar March 23, 2014 / 8:20 PM

    Brilliant,… Loved it 🙂



  4. Sreesha Divakaran March 24, 2014 / 8:18 PM

    😀 Wow, I had often wondered what “my” genre was whenever people asked me “What do you write about?” and I would go “Yeah, what do I *really* write about?”


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