How Awesome Is EVERYTHING!

Everything is so awesome these days. The weather, the food, the job (big shocker!), the-every-arbitrary-object is awesome. Awesome is the new wolf that the shepherd boy cried about. You don’t know what is truly awesome anymore.
I am a huge Barney Stinson fan. In my head, this whole avalanche of falling awesomes is, in some way, his doing! He says “Legen… wait for it… dary!” and people want to keep saying that, but it’s too long, and people are lazy (“awesome” is more convenient); he says “True story.” and everyone lifts their glasses at the end of each story and says it. He says “Suit up!” and a lot of suit brands rush to Central and Shoppers Stop and start off a suit fest called “Suit Up!” Needless to say, he (the writers of his character, but, you know…) endorsed “awesome” to such proportions that:
“Hey I got my degree!”
“Awesome, dude!”
“Hey my grandfather’s come to visit!”
“Awesome, dude!”
“Hey I bought new shoes!”
“That’s awesome!”
“Hey I watered my plants”
“Oh! Awesome!”
“There’s a crow in my balcony.”
“Hey, I killed a mosquito!”
“Whoa! That’s awesome!”
Seriously? Killing a mosquito is awesome now? We need to get a new word! Let’s go find a dictionary, I hear it has a lot of words…
PS: I also think it’s a decade thing. Back in the 90s, everything was “great”. 2000s, everything was “cool”. And now, everything is Barney Stinson 😛

3 thoughts on “How Awesome Is EVERYTHING!

  1. Roadside Rendezvous September 23, 2013 / 6:07 PM

    Brilliant…. i am a huge Barney fan too …. First time at ur blog …. Following it 🙂




  2. Sreesha Divakaran September 23, 2013 / 6:38 PM

    Hey Rahul… Thanks for following my blog 🙂
    The last HIMYM season begins today…!


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