The Rearview Mirror Has a Purpose!

It would be great if while walking on the road, we don’t have to worry about getting killed at any moment. It is not just the duty of the pedestrians to look both sides before crossing the road (even one-way roads!) But those driving should also do their bit to keep the roads safe for the pedestrians.

I was returning from work a couple of nights ago. I don’t know how clear my drawing is, but I was on the service road, walking towards the right turn (the straight grey arrow is me). There is a gate just before the turn (the long-ish grey line on the right, just before the right turn). There were two cars rushing in from the main road, one behind the other (the path of the crazy curved line). They were trying to enter the gate. Now the one in front almost crashed into me. First of all, he did not really slow down as he entered the service road and towards the gate. Secondly, he was neither looking straight, nor at his rearview mirror. He was looking over his shoulder (probably at the other car) and driving!
I had been walking at my own pace, but when I saw this lunatic entering the lane, and towards the gate, I stopped abruptly, with my heart pounding a little and took a couple of steps back. This moron kept his head firmly turned and entered the gate (with shockingly successfully results!) The second car too had a bunch of shiny (laden with heavy jewelry) and loud people. Even they did not slow down or let me pass (at least as an apology on behalf of their moronic party member who went ahead after nearly running his car over me) but they seemed totally oblivious to my presence (hurray, perhaps I am too thin to be noticed!) and they too went rushing past towards the gate. Their driver too was not looking ahead, he was talking to the rim-jhim lady in the passenger seat.
I was quite shaken by the abruptness of these cars. Both cars had a TN-something registration number. For a second I reprimanded myself and thought I should have noted the whole number. But on second thoughts, what would I do with it? Tell the traffic police that I was nearly run over by a driver who thought the right way to drive was by looking out the rear window?? Then they would probably say “You are not a kid, you should keep an eye out for cars going on the road.” Of course. It’s my sole responsibility after all!

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