The Sunset

The setting sun casts a golden glow
On the golden features of a dusky maiden
Watching a train go by
The setting sun causes shadows to appear behind her
As the train’s windows catch the light
And swallow them up as swiftly as they are caught
Causing shadow dances like ripples of laughter
The sunflowers turn, watching the sun go down
Wishing to capture every last moment with it
As does the maiden, thinking of her beloved
Wish the times would soon turn back
For the beloved was gone
And years had rolled by
The memories now, like tendrils of sweeping moonlight
The sun is too proud, knows of the sunflowers not
It goes on its way, down the horizon
The tears of the sunflowers are but a bleeding blot
All that’s left now are slivers of rays
From behind a brave cloud
The dusk turns cold and the train has passed
The maiden now is again alone
Dear beloved, will you come back?
The answer she already knows
Fatigued eyes
From sleepless nights
Know what the morning will bring
And yet the maiden’s sorrow
Unlike that of the hopeful sunflowers
Would without an ebb flow
An endless tide of silent tears…


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