What Annoys You

There is a lot of hate in the world we live in. More than any real hate, there is the internet-induced “love-to-hate” fad. But more on that later. Bottomline is that people today are annoyed easily and are outraged alike at big and small things.
During a little visit to a homeopathic doc, where they bring out a register and ask you everything there is to know about you, the doc asked, “What makes you angry?” I thought that would be an easy one. I am short-tempered; a lot of things irked me. But at that moment, I couldn’t find a single thing to say. I said I wanted some time to think and meanwhile he asked me other questions. I did come up with an answer eventually (at the very end of this post). But it got me thinking, in this hate-filled world, how many people really know why they are angry. So I asked a couple of people. Most of them took about 5 minutes to respond. The others were pretty quick with their responses.
Here are a couple of answers I received (the names of people who gave these answers are, needless to say, withheld :P)
  1. Irritating people who ask a hell lot of illogical questions.
  2. People who interfere in others’ business (this refers to the “char log” mentioned in my post Freedom of Speech)
  3. When some people behave moody or sad, even when everything is fine (attention-seekers).
  4. People who ignore someone in pain.
  5. People who hog in public (like elevators, cabs etc.; not restaurants!)
  6. Impatient people – who can’t wait for their turn (queue-jumpers are my addition to this example)
  7. The manager (this answer was given by at least three people! There was also a spin-off, but due to confidentiality constraints, will not be writing it here!)
  8. People who keep complaining/cribbing (answered by two people)
  9. People who cannot bear the happiness of others
  10. Broken promises.
  11. People who attach too much importance to themselves.
  12. Worthless people with power (can mean the manager or the politicians in this country!)
  13. People who take others for granted – especially those who take women for granted (yes, I can relate to this one)
  14. Gender bias (very similar to the one on top. Dramatically important on the list!!!)
  15. People who can’t take care of themselves.
  16. Unflushed toilets.
  17. The sound of steel rubbing against itself
  18. Traffic in Bangalore
  19. Auto-wallahs of Bangalore (oh yes!)
  20. When the wife/mother gives some household chores, and the husband/son keeps postponing, and they nag (actually nag isn’t the word he used, but pretty much what he meant) it annoys him like crazy.
  21. Nowadays, relationships are not maintained well (hmmm, this one deserves a post of its own!)
  22. Misunderstanding. Lack of trust. For example, when a third person tells you something about someone in your family, you believe the third person instead of the member of your family.
  23. When you call someone, they do not answer, and then claim to have not seen the missed call alert either.
  24. When two people are supposed to be in a relationship and one person cheats on the other.
  25. Children interfering in a fight between adults (for example, two families) and trying to sort it out and in the process alienating their friends.

And here is what annoys me (amongst some other things)! Just see what he has to say about Indians.  A 5-second comedy infused line that summarizes it all!

Racism in India – The funny side (Russell Peters)

So what annoys you, dear reader? The comment box is right there for your opinions!


4 thoughts on “What Annoys You

  1. Saritha B August 28, 2013 / 5:38 PM

    Good one. Very interesting responses 🙂


  2. allresourceupdates August 28, 2013 / 8:17 PM

    Pretty Nice List and even all the mentioned things irritates me too..Especially when people mind others business instead of their own..


  3. Sreesha Divakaran August 29, 2013 / 5:41 PM

    @allresourceupdates Yes, Harsha, but unfortunately it does seem like a part of the Indian way of life, isn't it!
    Hope you enjoyed the Russell Peters video too 🙂


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