I Learnt a Song…

I learnt a song
For you, who never knew and never asked
I learnt a song
My pain was real, and so was my love
But my face, forever a mask
Across a shadowy trail you walked
I sprinkled clues like dew drops
I learnt a song, for you
But a wistful one, you never were
I walk along twisted roads, knowing I will be alone
I ask myself why I care, why I don’t let go
But sometimes, there is comfort
Even in insanity
Even in madness
In the knowledge that there will never be a “we”
But there is comfort
In your memories
Have I ever told you
That I never forgot anything you ever said to me
That I love the way your eyes crinkle when you smile
But if I tell you,
Would you not avoid me for a long while?
I learnt a song
For the man who should have never come along
Because in loving him, I have forgotten who I am
And in loving him, it is so wrong
Because I seek the comfort of madness, insanity
And forever live in the shadow of the knowledge
There will never be you and me…

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