I Stand Alone

A couple of colleagues and I had gone out to have pani puri the other day. It was quite sunny when we left, but about twenty minutes later (ten-minute walk and ten-minute pani puri), these grey clouds gathered out of nowhere. So we were rushing back to office, when I saw this tree. On both sides of the road, there were these tall green (grey-green now due to the clouds) trees, but this one stood bare. Just some sticks hanging from the branches. It looked lonely, standing amongst all the other leafy ones.


I am not much of a photographer or anything. Don’t even own a cam (I mean I do, but it’s for functions and family events and stuff). But one look at the lonely tree, and I knew I needed to capture it. 

The tree, 
that stood alone, 
in a crowd different from it, 
but against the same dark grey clouds…


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