Sparkly Elves ;)

Memories get refreshed in the unlikeliest of places. Imagination also gets triggered at unexpected moments.
As a child, I once pinned a brooch on the shoulder of my frock. It was a large lime green stone set amongst several small leaf-green stones. The lime green one reflected all kinda of light, like a prism.
Of course, I knew nothing of prisms back then when I first wore it.
I was travelling in a car and the brooch cast its many-stoned reflection on the car seat in front of me. I could not process it to be a reflection. I truly believed it was magic! Or elves casting dancing lights on the car seat. But my mother told me how it was nothing but a “reflection.”
Now, many years later, wearing a heavily sequined sari, sitting in the backseat of the car, sweating in the Madurai heat, I see these reflections. And remember that day so far far away.


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