Is the good wife unhappy? – Part 2

Recently, a couple that I have heard of, but do not know personally decided to part ways. For many years, they were the smiling couple with two children – the picture-perfect hum-do-humare-do family. So when they decided to split up, I am not sure who all were shocked. My mother, for one, wasn’t. When they announced their wedding, my mother declared it was a bad idea.
After the split, someone close to the family said, “It is all her fault. She was never a good wife. Can you believe she never even wanted children! What sort of a woman does not want children?” Sir, to answer your question – probably your wife also does not want children. But of course, you are another my-wife-is-under-my-thumb Indian husband. And you have never sought her opinion, or even assumed she had a voice of her own. For a woman with a voice, in your crazed opinion, isn’t a “good wife”.
I feel so helpless (with rage) around such morons who have such a sexist, biased, prejudiced, short-sighted perspective on things. There are men who say they do not want children. Does that make them a “bad husband”? Women just accept their lot. If a woman tells a man to stop drinking or to stop watching cricket, would he ever stop to consider it? Then why should women be forced into things they do not want. Not every woman feels complete with children. Some are wired that way. And if someone’s choices are different from yours, how does that make her bad? It makes her different, get over it. If you want a divorce for this reason that she does not want children, well 1) you should have discussed that before getting married (but again, India, arranged marriage, lots of other shit) 2) if that is your only reason, then by all means, please file for it, because she needs to be freed from a marriage with a nut like you. But seriously, do not force her into having the babies she does not want. Because it is much more serious than her turning off the TV because the cricket commentary is annoying her. Much more serious, but considering the emotional intelligence of men, probably still on similar levels in their minds!

Does being a good wife just mean being meek and submissive and voiceless?


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