It is all the more complicated when there are tears trapped in your eyes, and yet they refuse to fall. There is grief, that cannot be explained, that cannot be pinpointed as something with a rational explanation. But it is there. It is there in the love that you feel, that is unrequited. It is there in the haunting melodies that you listen to, that brings this love to mind. It is there in the helplessness you feel when you know there was once a possibility of things being different, but are not. For every little thing exists in the decisions we make. It takes a second to choose a side when on a fork in the road, but the destination it leads to is where you have to be, forever. And in life, you cannot backtrack to the beginning, and choose the different side of the fork. Because if you try, you will got lost on the way, with no way out, with no solace in either this way or that. And if you do find the beginning, you will realize the destination that the other road leads to has changed drastically.

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