Reconnecting may not have been such a good idea

Right, so the past is always the past. There’s nothing that can be done about it.

I had a number of good friends, who I let go of, due to various reasons, as described in the previous post. I was so overwhelmed with nostalgia and guilt that I decided to reconnect with them all. Only to realize that while they were pleasantly surprised to hear from me out of the blue after so long, they were clearly not welcoming me with open arms (except maybe one or two). I can’t blame them, they have their own lives and no matter how close they were to me once, they were not gonna put their lives on hold just because I stopped being in touch, I mean, surely I do not have a head bloated enough to think that. So, no matter how much I miss them and how much they once meant to me, I have got to accept that they have moved on. They have new friends. And due to the reasons that I lost touch with them, I am the only one battling out the grim reality that I have not yet been able to move on.

Hmmm, but I guess it’s okay. Let bygones be bygones. You cannot live in the past. It was like golden sand (bad metaphor, but whatever), the kind that’s valuable, but gone with time. At least this will make me value my present friendships more than I already do.

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