And I Finished Reading Brida

And I probably will not forget the story this time.

This is not a book review or a critical observation or anything of the sort. On one insomnia-induced sleep-walking night, this book just literally fell into my open hands, begging me to read it again (read about my confusion here.) I was, at that point of time, searching for a possible cure for my sleeplessness and depression. I will not lie so blatantly to say that this book solved all of my problems. But the story did seem quite interesting the second time round.

It is the story of Brida, a witch (actually of how she realized that she was a witch, but this is not a book review, as stated earlier). Brida is in a relationship with Lorens, who is a physicist’s assistant. Both are very different from each other, but accept and respect each others’ choices and professions. During Brida’s lessons, she meets a Magus, who instantly recognizes her as his soul-mate, someone he had been searching for since many years. She does not realize this at first, as she has not yet mastered the witchcraft tradition, but eventually it is clear to her that the Magus is indeed her soul-mate.

In acknowledging what Brida has realized, the Magus tells her that we cannot possess that which we love, like sunsets, or the beauty of rain on a window, but these are things that we do not ever possess. He tells her that as soul-mates, they will remember each other, just as people remember  things like sunsets and these are things that will always be ours since we do not possess them.

Upon hearing this, (!!!SPOILER!!!) Brida feels proud of her soul-mate, but walks away with Lorens. 

I am a sucker for tales about soul-mates. But this one was not the average people-next-door kinda story. It had some kind of message. I am not sure if the ending was ideal, but in what other way could it have been ended so as to be a just tale, without hurting any of the characters? If faced with a similar problem in life, what is one to do, since not everyone possesses the knowledge of witchcraft? And surely, there must be a non-magical substitute for the point of light above the left shoulder of your soul-mate?

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