The death of sarcasm…

The world was an awesome place, when thinking before speaking was not mandatory. Sure, thinking before speaking has its advantages. But speaking before thinking is a lot more fun. Imagine watching a verbal ping pong match. The best thing ever.

When a dear friend of mine called me the “queen of sarcasm”, I considered it to be the best compliment I have ever received. It was great, being able to retort in less than a minute’s notice. If I had paused to think and decide about my quip, then obviously the moment would have passed, and I would have lost the point.

Now, however, things have changed drastically. People are too sensitive. Unable to handle retorts. Unable to quip back. And too many people take offense at simple silly things. Advice received: think before you speak. Well. Whatever. You lose a lot of things in life, eventually you lose that which was once the best compliment you ever received. 😦


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