the figure-life-out list.

Sometimes after reading some of my older posts, people would ask me my age. They were clearly the musings of a confused teenage mind and people could probably relate. I don’t know. Today they are the musings of a confused older mind. Not very relatable to others, cos by this age people usually figure out things and start loving themselves and are not confused anymore. So I have come up with a list of things that I want to do before this year is out (and for me the year will be out in November, as these are things I need to do before I turn 27) to help me figure things out and be less confused. Simple things. That someone else might think are easy. But difficult for me. (There are those for whom the sky is the limit. But for me, even dreaming of the sky requires permission) Next year, I will review this list and see what has been accomplished. And maybe create a new list.


1) Travel. Somewhere. (if nowhere else, then least someplace outside the city I live in. Not necessarily a touristy place. Just a different kind of air to breathe) The top places on my list (wishful thinking) are Jaipur, Sikkim and Kanyakumari (I mean the “top”. Not the “only”). I have been to Kanyakumari once, but once is not enough. That place is just too beautiful and peaceful to be visited just once. In every place I visit (IF), I want to live there for a bit and eat the local cuisine with the local people. There is a lot to be learnt from that experience. Granted, that visiting places in this country has its risk. It has its faults where women are concerned and where religions are concerned and where a lot of other major things are concerned. But the fact remains that there is too much racism in the rest of the world. At least in your own country, you belong. Maybe I am snuggling into a comfort zone. But for the time being, that’s ok.
2) My mother once sponsored the education of a child. I wanna do something similar. Will get her advice on how she did it. If I am not able to accomplish this now, maybe save some money every month so that at least next year I can accomplish this.
3) Sell the guitar. I am not playing it. Someone else should.
4) Finish my “project”. No matter who feels that I can’t do it.
5) Get some new tattoos. It is a form of expression and no one should have the right to dictate tattoo-terms to you. Besides, the second one came out badly and is nothing but a meaningless blob of color now. Damn the artist!
6) Chop off my hair. I have a small face. Short hair suits me better. It makes no sense growing it cos long hair with jasmine flowers in them is someone else’s idea of perfect. Besides, I haven’t changed my hairstyle since 2009.
7) Try and drink more water every day. By the time I am 27, I should feel I have drunk more glasses than I did any time before.
8) Lose weight. LOL. The thing that has to be on everyone’s list. Accomplishing 7 and 9 might help me with 8.
9) Learn yoga or pilates.
10) Learn to sew and create some designs.
11) Get some insight into the history of my state. Learnt enough about the country, but no one taught about the state.
12) Make some confessions. People love to hear if you love them or hate them!
13) Go shopping with some friends. And don’t feel guilty. 


Long list for the next seven months. Hope at least one is accomplished by November.


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