Smiling at strangers

I read somewhere yesterday that if you smile at a stranger, it would make both of you happy. I went to office today determined to make myself and a stranger happy. It would do me some good to smile a bit. Been depressed and angry for too long now. I told my plan to a friend, who also felt this was a good idea. While she smiled to a good number of people, I was still looking for someone to smile at. No one seemed to be making eye-contact with me. How could I smile to someone who was not even looking at me? I finally found someone, a lady, probably in her thirties, standing at the fruits counter in our cafeteria. She was looking at me, or through me, but either ways, her eyes were focused on me. There, I gave her a spontaneous and bright smile and that is where I went down the drain. I have a habit since childhood of breaking into uncontrollable giggles, for no apparent reason. Ok, I mean, there usually is some reason, but nothing definite. So there I was, looking into the eyes of a serious looking lady, who was probably a manager or a senior manager or something, and giggling like a schoolgirl looking at a popstar! As soon as I was able to gather my senses, I looked down at the floor and pretended it was not the lady who had made me giggle, and there was absolutely nothing giggle-able about her appearance (people obviously become conscious when someone is laughing in their faces) and walked away looking for another stranger to smile at.

Still waiting though…


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