Thank you…

People don’t expect gratitude from me. I have a lot of it in my heart towards those who truly deserve it. Some of them are aware that I have it deep within me, the others take things at face value and consider me ungrateful (or don’t consider me at all, who knows)

People know me as sarcastic, rude, arrogant, egoistic, outspoken, immature and inconsiderate. People also know me as sweet, innocent, polite, and caring. They only don’t know which of the two sides would be presented to them. They prefer the first side but like the second. They are shocked at the realization that they like the second, but want me to be the first. They hate me and love me because of the first side. They are not sure whether or not to hate me or love me, but they are with me because of the first side. The second side bores them and confuses them. Niceness does not make them laugh. They do not know how to behave to a nice person. Especially someone whose niceness is as unexpected as sunshine in December.

But however they take me, I like them. Most of them anyway. I have learnt something from everyone. Things that matter. Like how they would respond in certain situations, what the different genres of music are, what is the sense of their logic, what are some good books and where I can find them, what quotes inspire them (I may have laughed at some inspirational quotes, but even from that I learnt what the things are that I don’t believe in). They taught me that this is not the end of the world. Nothing is. They shared some good ghost stories, and had a good laugh at the expense of my cowardice. They taught me the finer points of table manners, beyond holding a fork and spoon. They let me know how much talking is too much talking and they taught me when to stop talking. There were those who told me how much of stupidity is cute and where is the fine line between cute and annoying. They taught me cuteness only went so far, but intelligence is worth cherishing. They brought me up when I was down. They let me know what talents I have when I was standing at the edge of an imaginary precipice, contemplating jumping down to the imaginary abyss, because I considered myself talentless. They urged me to go on when I had given up.

All the while hating me. But all the while, loving me.

And for both loving me and hating me and everything else that I have said above, I want to thank each and everyone. Even those who I have met briefly. Thank you for meeting me, cos I have definitely learnt something from you.

PS: The real reason why I wrote this post (in addition to thanking everyone) is that I feel we don’t acknowledge the people in our lives as much as we should. Lives are too busy and people are too selfish to take a moment to see where they have reached and how they have reached there. Most things are not individual efforts. Thank those who helped you. It will make them happy. And It could be your good deed of the day 🙂



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