now and then…

it was one of those long bus rides that tire you, despite the knowledge that you will be home by the time you wake up. and yet, here i was, refusing to go to sleep, cursing the annoying girl sitting in the seat beside me, complaining all the time about bed bugs, and mosquitoes and the like. and listening to two particular songs on repeat, and thinking that my blog would be updated about them. the songs were ‘if today was your last day’, and ‘leave out all the rest’. for a moment, i wanted to jump up from my seat, and invite everyone in the bus to dance and sing. remembering all the school trips on which we would shout and sing for all the world to hear. i knew it would make the boring ride less boring, and everyone would have fun too. after all, heaven forbid, what if today was my last day. then what would people remember me for. and even though, these were people i would never see again, it doesn’t mean i shouldn’t get to know them for the moment.
and yet, something pulled me back. something, some kinda force, didn’t let me get up from my seat, and just to sing, and invite them all to join. if i was in school, maybe. not maybe, definitely! sure, college didn’t give me any such opportunities, but then, college didn’t give me a lot of things, or let me have half as much fun as school did. anyway, that’s not the point. enough badmouthing that college “for the moment”.
this made me wanna do so many things. that i would never have thought of doing before. wanted to go to a random city, maybe sing a random song at the top of my voice, learn to play a random instrument, join a random dance class, date a random guy, buy random things… just for the fun of checking out the random. and also, for the satisfaction, that i have the willingness to do something fun, spontaneous. you know what i mean. but would there really be a day when i would actually do all these things… and more?


2 thoughts on “now and then…

  1. Crano December 27, 2009 / 3:50 PM

    hey y u bashin on cllg days ??? we almost did vrythin u said right there … i guess u ver not der …


  2. sreesha divakaran December 28, 2009 / 5:49 PM

    i will bash the collg days for as long as i live.. believe it or not, but i have my reasons..


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