sreesha and books

some people just read a couple of books and say they love reading. some people just decide they love reading because they have been doing it a lot. but, i can still remember the day that i told myself “Oh, now i know what they mean by the hobby of reading…i have it too!” i must say, it was a startling realization to me. at the age of 6, when your emotional range is rather small, you tend to get excited when you realize something, just out of the blue. especially if it is a hobby your English teacher talks about all the time.
my mother started telling me stories at an age when i did not even understand what she is talking about. then, later on, i got a few fairy tale books, you know, the usual Cinderella, Snow White and all. of course, i had barely started on my ABC’s then, and it was my mother who used to read them out to me.
then one fine day, when i was in my first standard, my teacher told the class to go to page something(you seriously don’t expect me to remember the page number. do you?)of the text book. it was titled “Sleeping Beauty”(yeah, i remember that). then, the teacher did not speak for a long while. i do not remember why, but i do remember what i did in that break. i just read the story. and i realized that i had enjoyed what i had just done.
since that day, i have not been able to resist most pieces of writing that have fallen into my hands….

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