There is something about the rain which lifts up my heart no matter how down in the dumps I might be feeling at the moment…but after shifting to Kerala, the novelty of it wore off, because there the rains start off unpredictably like shower jets every hour, and the roads get covered in puddles of mud that do not seem like fun, like they used to. And with all the big words like “acid rain” doing the rounds, somehow, it did not seem like a good idea to go out and dance in the rain.

The other day, me and a few cousins made a trip to the beach. The clouds were gathering; nothing new about that, really; it happens throughout the year in my hometown…and yet, the sea seemed rather calm. Well, maybe, we thought, this is the lull before a storm. But there was no storm that day.

We were like a bunch of animals let loose – running into the water, splashing and thrashing all around, literally wrestling the waves. But when the fun was just beginning, I was rudely pulled of the water (despite me pushing and protesting). Protective instincts of my cousins told them that I was, well, *safer* on the shore, considering the fact that everyone else was wet up to their knees, whereas I was wet up till my shoulders or something…

I went to the ice cream wala stall, and bought a chocobar. I had never really liked it much (I don’t like chocolate-flavored cakes either), but that day, it tasted really good. While I was contemplating running into the water with my ice candy in hand, the rains started. Gentle drops fell like butterfly kisses on my face. I closed my eyes and just let the drops caress my face. It was such a beautiful feeling that probably words cannot do proper justice to it. The slow drizzle was slowly growing into something heavier, and I must admit, I was beginning to feel a bit cold. I realized I still had that chocobar in hand, though what was left had water dripping from it. When i tasted it, good Lord! I can tell you, at that moment I knew what heaven must feel like. With the rain falling on my already salt-drenched self, and a dangerously dripping ice stick in hand, it was a feeling so filled with bliss, it was like falling in love with someone. Maybe I got lost in my dreams, but I could not stay lost for long. The hooligans (my cousins, I mean) were out of the water (yeah, they had gone back after pulling me out), and taking a cue, probably from the glory-be-me expression on my face, were running off to the ice cream stalls themselves. After that, I was pulled back into the pack, and it became impossible for me to live that moment of bliss once again.

The rest of the day got lost in shouts, swings, slides, merry-go-rounds, Pepsi cans, more chocobars and the trip back home. But the memory of the rain drops on my face is surely one that I’ll carry to my grave…


10 thoughts on “Heaven…

  1. drkiranacharya October 2, 2013 / 8:29 PM

    There is nothing more exhilarating than the feel of rain drops touching your face. Love the rain πŸ™‚


  2. Namrata Mahalingam October 3, 2013 / 12:41 PM

    I am so tempted to experience this after reading you post! A good read πŸ™‚


  3. Sreesha Divakaran October 3, 2013 / 1:31 PM

    Thank you, Namrata!
    Yes, I cannot be describe it fully with words. You must experience it! πŸ™‚ It's a wonderful feeling…


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