Politically In-Correct

people often come and tell me, “what are you doing btech for?(as if, i haven’t asked myself that)you seem to be cut for journalism”(well, i don’t know about that..but considering the number of people who have told me this…well, maybe i could have given it a try…who knows…now maybe it’s too late)
well, there are, however, a few reasons why i am not cut for journalism
a) newspapers bore me to death..i only read the comics(Archie, Garfield, Nancy, and the like)
b) i might get an F Grade if i were to take a GK test
c) i know nothing about politics
d) i know nothing about sports, either
e) i never learned what diplomacy is all about….
well….sad state, huh?wondering what made those bozos say i am cut for journalism?well, maybe it’s because, i am not afraid of giving my opinions..to anyone..like, i said, i don’t know what diplomacy is all about.and i yak – A LOT!
but there comes a twist…i don’t know anything about what i should be giving my opinions about, in the field of journalism…
it’ll be like the scene in bridget jones’s diary,when renee zellweger, when asked for her opinion at the book launch, responds with a “Do you know where the toilets are?”well, that shouldn’t be happening to me, right?
anyways…so as i was saying, i often feel, i say what comes to my mind, without thinking of the consequences..that results in me giving replies that are not always expected…and definitely hard to be accepted..and then they fumble around, and say”ohh!you are so frank!keep it up!”
and behind my back they say”What a girl!!what a loose tongue!what does she think of herself?who does she think she is..blah blah blah……………………”
well, so what if i dare to speak my mind…who loses anything by that?if anyone, it’ll be me…and in a field like journalism, there’s even a possibility of me losing my life(eg, what if i i say what i ‘really’ think of so-and-so politician…and what if, that isn’t particularly flattering to that guy…only he knows what he’ll decide to do with my life)
i do not understand why people are so obsessed about what they believe to be politically correct. of course they all have their own opinions, but when asked to share them, they only give stereotyped, i’m-nothing-out-of-the-ordinary-but-i’m-sure- i’m-good type of replies. and if(due to some misfortune befallen on the person concerned) someone does speak up, and tell you what they really think, what happens?a scandal
happens(well, that does depend, you know..a worshipped celebrity says it, it will be worshipped…but someone else, maybe another celebrity, whom people are desperate to find a fault in, says the same thing, it causes a lot of mud slinging…)
and in this world of hypocrisy, double standards and God knows what else, out of the blue, someone like me pops up, and says, hey buddy, well, even i am not sure, how anyone would react to that…because no one really knows how another person thinks, be it a psychoanalyst, a mathematician, or even an astrologer. well, who knows maybe someday, freedom of speech will really mean, freedom of speech. and there will be no demarcation such as what is polictically correct, and what is politically in-correct.


3 thoughts on “Politically In-Correct

  1. yellow January 12, 2009 / 1:28 PM

    We all have to defy our destiny.If you are a youngster, then life from 19 to 25 is when you compare each and everyone to yourself and feel sad. Its a phase and believe me things change dramatically after 25……Just scrape through these years and try being a writer. Thats the best thing for you. I have some writer friends who could guide you


  2. ramakrishnan January 15, 2009 / 5:08 AM

    political correctness is just a lot more than saying the right thing…just as often it involves not saying the wrong thing…people never seem the realise the fact that they are to listin as well (not just say something).its all nice and confidence boosting to have something to say on any topic whatever…but that is really of no help… realistically speking who cares…coz if ur politically incorrect on a subject then people will be off the issue and then its misleading… so the question really boils down to what the person wants to hear???January 14, 2009 8:36 PM


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