Planning v/s Impulsiveness

In the long journey of life, what is it that really works? Plans, or impulses? If someone were to ask me to stand in favour of one, I’d definitely say, impulse… cos what are plans after all, a collection and proper arrangement of a series of impulses, right?
If I were to judge my own opinions, of course, I’d say my view is correct, cos self-righteousness is an inborn property in all of us. But, what I can’t bear (fine, call it my intolerance) is the attitude of the people who “pre-plan” stuff (not all of them, but this type does exist) towards us impulsive types. For reasons best known only to them, they look down upon us, and openly declare themselves to be more “intelligent” than “those impulsive type of people”. Now lemme ask you one thing – what happens when their plans fail? When they are at a point of no return and they haven’t got anything “planned” for the moment? Who’s help do they take then? Of course, their instincts. It’s only that which can help them take decisions at a time when they feel there’s no way out of a situation.
Pardon me, I have nothing against those mathematical minds that plan and execute (cos that will be like putting myself in the same category as them). But then, as I see it, life is just a series of momentary flashes of thought converted into tangible stuff… Don’t you think? 

Now ask me why i wrote this in the first place, and I’ll tell u – on impulse…


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